Martı Acquires Zoba, America's Top AI Startup, to Advance Technology and Innovation Frontiers

Paylaşım Tarihi :

Martı, Turkey's leading mobility platform, has expanded its technological capabilities with the acquisition of Zoba Inc., an AI company pioneering next-generation fleet optimization solutions.

Founded by alumni from MIT and Harvard, Zoba has developed an AI-powered software platform that dynamically optimizes vehicle positioning and operational tasks to maximize trips and minimize field operation costs for electric micromobility operators. Pilot projects between Martı and Zoba in late 2022 demonstrated increased trip volumes and reduced operational expenses through the use of Zoba's algorithms.

This strategic move represents an important milestone in Martı's journey to boost productivity across its ecosystems. With Zoba's advanced demand forecasting and dynamic dispatching models integrated into operations, Martı aims to drive stronger financial outcomes and service quality for riders and drivers.

Oguz Alper Oktem, Founder of Martı, spoke about the acquisition, stating "As we work to increase revenues and lower costs for our electric micromobility services, we conducted pilots with several optimization providers. Zoba delivered the best results, and we are excited to bring this AI-enabled software in-house to enhance vehicle availability and reduce field costs."

Zoba CEO Dmitry Kazakov added "We are thrilled that Martı, one of the global leaders in mobility, recognized the potential of our platform. This partnership will allow us to maximize our positive social impact through optimizing transportation networks on a massive new scale."

The deal marks an important step for both companies in leveraging next-generation technologies to build more efficient, accessible and sustainable mobility systems. Financial details were not disclosed.