Codeigniter Based Vehicle Sales Management System PHP Script Download

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In today's digital age, it has become necessary for businesses to transform their management processes into digital form. Automotive dealerships in particular need software solutions to systematically manage critical processes such as sales, service, and inventory management.

This free PHP script based on the Codeigniter framework aims to increase efficiency by facilitating dealership operations. With the system, administrators can easily perform basic tasks like adding, deleting, and updating vehicles from the web-based management panel. Employee records and permissions can also be managed from here.

On the employee login screen, functions like direct sales to customers, invoicing and profit/loss calculations are available. Active record is used for database queries, and Codeigniter's parser helps add and modify vehicle details. Stock control, sales reports and graphical analysis are provided.

With its easy installation and use highlighted by tutorial videos, the software can be easily run. A professional version with advanced features is also available. Customizations can be made to meet corporate needs. As an effective solution for dealership management, this script serves as a valuable resource for the automotive industry.

Overall, the Codeigniter based vehicle sales management system PHP script download provides dealerships with a digital solution to streamline key processes, boost productivity and bring management onto a centralized web platform. Its open source and customizable nature also make it appealing to implement for automotive businesses.