E-Commerce Script: Modesy - Free 2024 (SEO Friendly)

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E-Commerce Script / E-Commerce Software, Modesy, not only focuses on the sale of physical products but also allows you to successfully market digital products. It emerges as a free e-commerce script. This platform promises users a wide range of features, providing a modern, responsive, and visitor-friendly experience. The features offered by Modesy and its informative introduction provide an ideal solution for those who want to establish a successful presence in the online commerce world.

E-Commerce Script, Key Features of Modesy:

  1. Modern and Attractive Design: Modesy has an aesthetic and user-friendly design. The modern look attracts visitors and makes the shopping experience more appealing.

  2. Transparent and Seamless System: The platform is built on a robust open-source infrastructure, providing a smooth user experience. This feature ensures a reliable online trading environment for both buyers and sellers.

  3. SEO-Friendly URLs and Full Compatibility: Modesy ensures your site's compatibility with search engines through SEO-focused URL structures. This makes it easier for your products to reach a broader audience.

  4. Sale of Digital and Physical Products: Modesy allows the sale of not only physical products but also facilitates product sales through your digital store. This versatility accommodates various business models.

  5. Support for Multiple Currencies: The platform allows interaction with a global market by supporting multiple currencies, facilitating international trade.

  6. Multi-Seller System and Commission Rates: Modesy offers users the possibility to become multi-sellers or register as suppliers. The feature to add commission rates to sales makes your business model flexible.

  7. Multi-Language System: The multi-language system allows users to use the platform in their preferred language, providing a significant advantage in reaching international customers.

  8. Hidden Products and Draft Creation: Modesy facilitates product management with features to add hidden products and create drafts.

  9. Advanced Search and Filtering: Users can quickly find desired products with advanced search and filtering options.

  10. Messaging System and Ask a Question: Modesy offers a messaging system to increase interaction between buyers and sellers, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.

E-Commerce Script, Admin Panel, and Business Convenience:

The E-Commerce Script's flexible admin panel allows you to easily manage all areas of your site. Being open, SEO-friendly, fast, and user-friendly helps optimize your business processes.

Security and Reliability:

Being open source and incorporating advanced security measures, Modesy protects users' personal and financial information. It minimizes risks in online trading by providing a reliable infrastructure.

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