MyBB MyAlerts Notification Plugin (v2.0.4) 2024

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MyBB MyAlerts Plugin is a custom extension designed for use in MyBB forums. This plugin provides an impressive notification system that conveys various forum events to users through visual notifications.

Features of MyBB MyAlerts Notification Plugin:

  • Users receive notifications when their post is quoted.
  • Notifications are sent when a reply is made to a thread they started.
  • Users are notified when someone adds them to their friend list.
  • Notifications are sent when a private message is received.
  • Users receive notifications when a reply is made to a thread they subscribed to.
  • There are more events currently in development or planned to be added in the near future.


MyBB MyAlerts Notification Plugin is built with an expandable structure. This feature allows external MyBB plugins to create notifications and add them to the user's notification stream.


MyBB MyAlerts Notification Plugin - Download and Installation

For MyAlerts to function smoothly, the PluginLibrary plugin must be installed.

Download MyAlerts Plugin

  1. Upload the "alerts.php" file to your forum's root directory (next to files like index.php, forum display.php), upload the contents of the "inc" folder to the "inc" folder, the contents of the "images" folder to the "images" folder, and follow similar steps.
  2. Download and upload the "inc/plugins/MybbStuff/Core/ClassLoader.php" file from this address.
  3. Follow the instructions to install the PluginLibrary plugin here.
  4. After completing all steps, log in to the admin panel and activate the "MyAlerts" plugin.

This way, you can successfully use the MyAlerts Notification Plugin in Turkish and with a unique style on your MyBB forum.



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